We Care For Everyone


Create opportunities for women through socio-economic programmes and thus strengthen families and communities.


To inspire, and support under-privileged women towards financial self-reliance.


1. Enabling women with skills in alignment with the demands of the market to help them secure a sustained source of livelihood.

2. Making women aware of basic hygiene practices and emphasising on its importance in maintaining their health and that of their family members, thus preventing loss of productive days at work.

3. Create awareness about the need for environment-friendly practices in day-to-day life thus aiming at a sustainable development.

4. Making medical resources available for the care of destitute senior citizens.

5. Imparting basic academic and life-skills to children from the pre-primary and primary level and enable them towards securing a better future. 


1. Identify and partner with state-run programs, NGO partners, and CSR initiative to provide skill development training to women from marginalized communities.

2. Conduct awareness camps and impart health education to women in slums of Dahisar, Borivali and Kurla In Mumbai by the year 2019.

3. Conduct 2 awareness camps about ill-effects of plastic usage in Borivali and Dahisar neighbourhoods of Mumbai by partnering with housing societies and schools to increase engagement.

4. Strategic tie-ups with charitable healthcare providers or, CSR partners to provide on-site medical care to destitute elderly.

5. Widen area of operation to Matunga, Kurla and Vashi slums in Mumbai by the year 2019-2020 to bring 200 number of school-going children under the ambit of the educational initiatives. 

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.