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#Skill Development

There is a clear lack of skilled labour in the economy. Though there are human resources available in plenty, not everyone possess trained skills that can be useful.

Providing vocational training will bridge the gap between skilled and unskilled labour and will help people with better employment opportunities.

According to the study of are search group, by 2020, India will have a surplus of 56 million working people while the global shortage of skilled working people will be 47 million. A considerable amount of population is the underprivileged ones who can contribute heavily towards this cause.

Women Empowerment – “Give Wings to FLY”

#Health Camps

These days, it is rewarding to contribute to the society by enhancing social awareness and understanding the basic necessities of people around us. It is important to give back to the society while empowering people through education, health, and safe surroundings.

Helping people to stay healthy and fit by conducting health camps and medicine distribution programs is extremely beneficial, especially in rural areas because they do not have access to health and medicines.

Bright star Charitable Trust dedicated to bring a positive change in the society and helping people to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can also contribute to the human welfare and be a part of the good cause within the society.

Top benefits of conducting health camps and medicine distribution programs

1. Health Check-ups: Most often, people who live in rural areas suffer from several health complications. Medical experts in health camps perform thorough diagnosis and provide suitable solutions to these people and help them recover from the complications

2. Free-Of-Cost Medicines: People who live an underprivileged lifestyle in rural areas cannot afford the rising medical costs. Availing medical treatment and medicines without any cost can allow people to stay worry-free from costly medicines and health check-ups.

3. Awareness of Health and Hygiene: Unawareness is the main reason why people in the rural areas suffer from adverse health complications. Conducting health camps and providing health tips and recommendations is the best way to bring awareness among underprivileged people and help them to lead a healthy life.

#Education Sponsorship

The basic goal of the educational sponsorship is to support a child and the family in order to break the cycle of poverty and help them to be self-dependent individuals throughout their life. And this goal is usually in support of all the children, despite their religion, race, caste, ethnic background or gender. In this case, students do not only get benefits of educational but all-round development as well.

The gift of education is perhaps one of the best gifts you can give a young person. Here at Bright star Charitable Trust, we invite you to support a child’s education for a year. Your contribution will pay for the child’s school fees, uniform and all other related expenses.

#Donation In Kind


Instead of making a financial donation perhaps you would prefer to contribute to Brightstar Charitable Trust by making a Donation in Kind? There are several items that are in permanent and constant use at our partner place that are always most welcome as Donation in Kind such as:

1. Food

2. School Stationary

3. Library Books.

4. IT Equipment’s

5. Clothing’s

6. Sports and Games