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Community Engagement Program

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Weaning off from a project when it became successful was one of the greatest challenges that we, at Bright Star Charitable Trust, faced in the initial days of our operation. The lack of sense of community amongst the beneficiaries was the greatest hurdle in handing over the project for continued operations. It was thus decided that community engagement programmes could provide a platform for the community members to come together and bond where they could handle events independently while raising resources for it.

With the aim to create self-reliance, events such as community lunches, festive celebrations, adult education classes, Camps to increase awareness about rights and duties, among many others are conducted. The role of Bright Star Charitable Trust is that of a mere enabler and facilitator while the community raises resources, and operationalizes the event. Over the past many years, we have seen a rise in the confidence level of the beneficiaries and the renewed ability to make things happen.

This confidence has helped us handover successfully running projects to the beneficiaries, and expect long-term continuity. 

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.