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Empowering Women Together

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Women empowerment and gender equality is one of the 17 sustainable development goals according to the United Nations Development Programme. The fact that gender equality is a sustainable goal in itself proves the dependence the overarching goal has on this one. Further, both research as well as experience suggest that it is only when women fully participate in the social, economic, political, and environmental spheres can the sustainable goals of development be achieved. While efforts by civil society and Governments across the globe are on to narrow and eliminate the gender gap, and to empower women, it is still a distant dream and, a long road ahead. BSCT has taken upon itself the task of empowering women and educating them in its small way.

We, at BSCT, work for the under-served and under-privileged women across Maharashtra. Our work encompasses a wide range of activities across different locations in the state. We believe informed decision making by women in socio-economic situations can go a long way to not just benefit their immediate families but the society as a whole. It is therefore our quest to create awareness amongst our beneficiaries about women’s rights, impart education and awareness about their health issues and how best to prevent them, and how their ill-health can affect that of their family and lead to loss of productivity and income.

Further, we believe in creating an enabling environment where women can choose to educate themselves with vocational skills of their choice which are in alignment with the market demands. This is achieved through the 23 skill development centres that we operate across Maharashtra in collaboration with the Maharashtra State Skill Development Society and various partner organization.

We made a modest beginning in 2014 with four vocational courses. Today, BSCT runs more than 2000 courses across the state and has trained more than 2000 women and we are still counting. In the past 5 years, we have successfully helped ___ families come out of the trap of poverty by increasing their income levels by INR ___ - ____. In the recent years, the skill development centres have widened their scope to train men along with women to improve access to livelihood opportunities.

While we relentlessly pursue skill development and thus promote women empowerment in the state of Maharashtra, we are open to collaborations from NGOs and Corporate alike.  

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.